Episode 37: Rescue dogs and Thanksgiving table manners

Happy Thanksgiving a little early!  This week Jalene and Jessa give tips to keep your pet(s) safe during this Thanksgiving season.  Some foods you should keep away are – turkey bones, jell-O, potatoes, and nuts.  Most people have friends and family over so unless your dog or cat is very comfortable and loves a lot of strange people in the house then keep him/her in a different room with food, water, toys and a Kong toy.  Be very careful with the door opening and shutting so much because your pet could escape.

Jalene and Jessa are very thankful for one thing.  All of you out there who listen!

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Episode 36: Costume Collage and hunting hints

Hunting season is upon us so this week Jalene and Jessa give you some great tips for keeping both you and your pet(s) safe.

Tips for hunting season

Find out when hunting season begins and ends in your area and where it is permitted

Keep your dog or cat on leash

Don’t let your pet hunt wildlife

Get your pet a bright orange vest

Use sight and sound to alert hunters you are around; make yourself obvious

Make sure your dog or cat is microchip and has a collar with tags

Hang bells on your dog or cat

They also give you some great activities to do with your dog or cat in the Autumn.

Also, Halloween is coming and Jalene and Jessa give you some tips and ideas to make sure your pet is safe.

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Episode 35: Wild pets and a bonus question

Today Jalene and Jessa talk about wild animals that people have for pets such as wolves, lions, tigers and moose! They also list a few exotic pets.  Jessa especially likes the baby Hedge Hog!! When Jalene asks Jessa the Misc. pet question, Jessa throws a bonus question back at Jalene.

List of wild animal pets

List of exotic pets

So come aboard and listen to one of the best pet podcasts out there!

Note: FBDB is having some technical issues so there is no music

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Episode 34: Ancient Egypt and hiking help

After a summer break Jalene and Jessa come back strong.  They are still going to host FBDB every other week and have a great show for you today!

First up is hiking tips:

Keep your dog on leash

Watch out for poison Oak, Ivy and Sumac

Look out for wild animals

Take breaks to drink water

Check for ticks after you get home on both you and your dog

Here is a list of stuff to bring when your hiking:

Water/squishy bowl


Doggy bags (for picking up after him)

Dog friendly insect repellent

Orange jacket for hunting season

Athletic tape

Foot wax (such as Bag Balm)

Leash, harness and/or collar

Tags with your name, phone number etc.

Doggy first aid kit


They also talk about food that cats can’t eat.

Oldest Cat Breeds:

Siamese Cat

Persian Cat

Japanese Bobtail

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Episode 33: Summer safety tips and Jalene’s little bonus

Summer is here!  Lots of people love summer but it can be a dangerous time for pets.  This week Jalene and Jessa give you lots of tips to keep your pet safe as summer roles by.

4th of July – don’t bring your dog to the fire works or parades if you can help it.  He might get scared and run away.

Don’t leave your dog or cat in the car for longer than 5 minutes because inside will get very hot and can hurt or kill your dog.

Ticks carry many diseases that your dog can get, so make sure you are treating him.  The best thing to use is the medication in the pill form.  Just make sure your vet OK’s this.

Roads made with asphalt and concrete get HOT in the summer so if you can’t put your lower arm and wrist on the road and leave it there for more then 10 seconds DON’T let your dog walk on it.

A lot of dogs love cooling off in a kiddie pool when it is hot.  Just make sure you are watching him at all times because he could drown.  ALL DOGS CANNOT SWIM.  So watch him!

Keep your dog on leash and respect people’s space – everyone does not like dogs so don’t let your dog run up to people unless they want to pet him.

A lot of people treat their lawns in the summer so watch your dog and make sure he does not eat anything.

Antifreeze loves to leak in the summer so make sure your dog or cat does not eat any.  It can kill them.

Most pets are scared when there are thunderstorms.  Get a dryer sheet and rub in on your pets fur.  It will take the static electricity out of his fur.  This only works 50% of the time.

Barbecue’s and summer party’s can be dangerous for your pet because there are foods there that can make them sick or worse.

Brush your pet often because it will reduce shedding and keep him cooler.

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Episode 29: Jalene’s on her soap box and Jessa’s stumped

This week Jalene gives you a lesson on how to train your dog “come”.  Make sure to keep the sessions short, maybe 2-5 minutes for puppies and 5-10 min. for adult dogs.

Step 1 – First put your puppy on a leash and bring him to a quiet room.  Then let him wonder away or throw him a treat to get him distracted.  When he’s not looking at you give a gentle tug on the leash and say his name while holding out a treat.  When he comes praise him and give him the treat.

Step 2 –  Next put the word your going to use with his name such as “Charlie, come”.  Make sure to treat and praise.

Step 3 – Now if your using a hand motion you can put it in.  Make sure to say your verbal  command at the same time until he learns.

Step 4 – Take your dog to a quiet place such and your bedroom or a quiet patio, take him off leash and distract him and then call him.  Repeat.

Step 5 – Take your dog to places that have distractions and practice calling your dog first on leash and then off leash.




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Episode 28: Cool pet products and listener review

Jalene and Jessa talk about and read reviews about some cool pet products.  They also read a listener review which they are very excited about!






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