Episode 50: Episode #50, Interview and Giveaway!

This week Jalene and Jessa interview Officer Liz from the Thomaston Police Department. They also have a giveaway to celebrate reaching 50 episodes, and of course talk about Thanksgiving safety.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Episode 44: Weird Combinations and Electric Shocks

After a little St. Patricks’ Day dinner discussion, Jalene talks about electric collars and cat window boxes while Jessa relaxes.  Then Jessa takes the mic and gives some fun and weird animal friends!

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Episode 42: Best Puppy Books and at the Dog Park

Jalene and Jessa have a cold so this episode is a little shorter than normal.

Reading puppy training and care books is very important if you have or are going to have a puppy.  Jalene and Jessa also give a great tip if your dog or cat has cracked or raw paws as well as talking about when puppies should be allowed to play at the dog park.

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