Episode 47: The Green Garden and the Blue Chicken

Is the chicken you buy at the store really chicken?  And why are hens that are less than a year old called pullets and roosters called cockerels?  What are the other kittens names?  Listen and see if Jalene and Jessa have the answers to all these questions and more!

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Episode 46: Kitten Kaboodle

This week all Jalene and Jessa talk about is the kittens that they are fostering!  Listen in for stories, tips and names!  You can also see pictures of all of them by going to the photos page or clicking on this link: click here.

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Episode 44: Weird Combinations and Electric Shocks

After a little St. Patricks’ Day dinner discussion, Jalene talks about electric collars and cat window boxes while Jessa relaxes.  Then Jessa takes the mic and gives some fun and weird animal friends!

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Episode 42: Best Puppy Books and at the Dog Park

Jalene and Jessa have a cold so this episode is a little shorter than normal.

Reading puppy training and care books is very important if you have or are going to have a puppy.  Jalene and Jessa also give a great tip if your dog or cat has cracked or raw paws as well as talking about when puppies should be allowed to play at the dog park.

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