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Blue chicken – photo courtesy of Matt Stillman

Some pictures of the 2nd litter of kittens we fostered:

Alice, the mommy

Version 2                                                                       Mommy and babies

Sasquatch (squatch) left & Friskers (Frisky) right

Tumble (Toucan) left & Callie right

Version 2                                                                                Sparkle

Tumble (left) & Sparkle (right)


Here’s a couple of pictures of the cake:







A tug toy from Loyal Biscuit.  It held up very nicely when a tug game was played.



Cat toys and products.




Cat shelves for your cat to climb on.                  Cat toys.



Golden Retriever (left) Goldador  (Golden lab mix, right).



A goldador jumping through a hula hoop on sticks.


Treat tower!!



Size comparison.



The small pieces of treats are the size you should use (the pea’s are just to show the size).



Here is Neesy the mommy (left) and all of them together (right).




These are of the kittens we fostered two are Gelman (left) and Tiger (right).



Here are the other two: Shyla (left), Smudge (right).

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